Soteria Scout

About Soteria Scout

Soteria Scout is a plugin for Studio which is used to aid developers in identifying weaknesses in security before they can be exploited. It also features tools to create active exploit detection for live games. This powerful utility gives developers peace of mind that their games are secure from exploiters so that players can enjoy the experience in peace.

Leading Roblox Exploit Vulnerability Detection

Humanoid Exploit Detection

Identify the major humanoid weaknesses and learn if you're game suffers exploits caused by them such as JumpPower & WalkSpeed exploits.

Remote Exploit Detection

Detect the top vulnerabilities in remotes so that you can protect them against spam attacks & type errors.

Soteria Scout V2

Coming Soon...

Soteria Scout is being rewritten for better functionality to stay on top of the ever evolving world of bugs & exploits.

The planned improvements include:

  • Allow deeper analysis of issues Soteria Scout detects.

  • APIs for better integration with your game.

    • Tracking APIs to allow for tracking of issues in live servers.

  • More configurations to change for better testing of your game.

  • Rewritten as a plugin for tighter integration with studio.

  • User interface for easier interaction.

  • Wider suite of tests.

Coming soon in 2022.