Greetings all,

Custom Mouse has received an update to version 2.3 in the first update in almost 7 months. No big changes here just some small Luau typing & performance improvements. As my attention is primarily focused on other projects at the moment I am unlikely to update this in the near future unless a priority arises for it.

This week has seen significant progress on the new Free Build terrain generator. This terrain generator is planned to be opened to others in the future as Voxel Terrain Service & looks to provide developers with powerful tools for creating procedural terrain maps.

Free Build is also having several large updates being worked on for an upcoming release later this fall. These will include UI reworks as well as performance & under the hood improvements.

The investment into infrastructure for Free Build has continued & will be going live with the updates coming this fall to bring a more fluid, immersive & larger worlds to the game.

Thank you as always to everyone who supports me & I look forwards as always to bringing you more details soon.


Welcome back,

Since the last update in May I have continued to work on Dogfight Squadron & pushed several improvements out to Free Build.

To start, Dogfight Squadron has seen several updates including conversion to typed Luau as well as work continuing on getting the game ready for release to testers.

Free Build has also seen several updates including but not limited to the following:

A new chat interface with a revise UI. Expect more UI updates coming to the game soon to help polish the look and bring the game into a more modern design language.

To go with the introduction of the actors update, the game will now utilise multiple cores much more effectively than previously to help improve the performance of both the client & server.

The game has also seen several new features including the introduction of material tool previews meaning you can now see how the materials look before applying them. On top of this you can also now paint terrain with the material although this feature is currently limited & will be improved upon in the near future.

Massive thank you as always to those who support me doing this work & I can't wait to share more news soon.


Hello all, back again with some updates more updates to share.

The Insert Dropdown plugin has been renewed with corrected ordering and updated classes to keep up with the latest development on the platform.

Ant Colonies as well as Free Build have been updated to support the new materials Roblox has recently released.

Free Build is also receiving updates to improve performance and to pave the way for easier work on the game going forwards which will be crucial with the planned block terrain update which will require massive overhauls to the game. The block terrain update is currently still in heavy development & I am looking to purchase some hardware to help with the processing & storage for this service. For those wondering it is still up in the air as to if the block terrain will be coming to Free Build or if it will be reserved for use in Free Build 2 which will come with many other expansions & improvements to the game.

Many thanks to all of those who continue to support me & I cannot wait to give more details!


Welcome back again,

Apologies for the delay in news lately, I've been dealing with a few items that have slowed the progress on games development.

Earlier this week I got a positive test for COVID so I've been dealing with that so far this week though all is going well!

I have done work on Free Build lately squashing some bugs here & there while also improving performance. Included in the bug fixes are a load of memory leaks that have been patched which should also help with server stability over time. Work has also been done on a new terrain generator which will offer vastly more immersive environments although I intend to bring this to Free Build 2 which will offer many improvements over the current iteration which I now have over 6 years of experience developing.

Looking ahead to block terrain I'm looking into the idea of an option between smooth terrain and block terrain although I will have a much better idea on the feasibility of this once the integration of the systems begins with other components in the game.

Huge thanks as always & I look forwards to bringing more news to you all again soon!


Welcome back all,

I have been hard at work on Free Build continuing to work heavily on improving performance for when it goes live once again. For this bulk of this post, I've reworked the day/night cycle & have added in a clouds system. The new day/night system features improved lighting, post processing & more. I'm still actively working on this system & more is expected to come to the systems such as dynamic weather like; overcast days, fog etc...

Free Build has also seen lots of smaller changes such as the replacement of tick() with os.clock() which should help with the game longevity as tick() is going to be deprecated. It is really important that I stay ahead of the curve with deprecated features so that in the event I am unable to work on the game anymore it can still continue to function long into the future. This also encourages me to work on all of the latest technologies & keep ahead of others. These changes have been replicated out to my other projects too such as Ant Colonies, Moment of Time & Slimes.

Block Terrain is still in the works & dedicated hardware for this is expected to arrive early 2023. Due to this long waiting period, the game will be made live again once the work on the new wiring system is completed. This should be done by the end of the month & I'm excited about the possibilities the new wiring system opens up.

That's all for this update. The future for Free Build is looking fantastic & I loads is planned for this year for me to work through.

Thank you so much to all of my supporters & I cannot wait to share more soon!


Hello all,

Hope you're all doing well!

I've been steadily working on the block terrain service for its primary use in Free Build. I am starting to invest heavily into infrastructure for this endeavour & am hoping to increase the map size over the current smooth terrain system exponentially. I've written hardware accelerated terrain generation systems to maximise their performance for the fast paced terrain generation that is required on the fly in a game such as Free Build. The infrastructure that is being invested in also has the possibility to be used for the real-time pressure system I created. There is a possibility this system could be implemented into Free Build at a future date provided the API & network limits do not become too congested with the terrain system also running.

Huge thank you as always to those who have helped support me! I look forwards to providing you with more updates on the infrastructure build up & seeing how far I can push this going forwards.


Hope you all had a fantastic holidays & a happy new years!

I have been working hard on massive updates for Free Build which are aimed to be released throughout the year. These changes will improve the games experience further & allow for an easier entry point for new players with the inclusion of a tutorial system & an overhauled wiring system.

I have also released an open source project on GitHub for Weld Service which you can use to replace the old BreakJoints & MakeJoints system on Roblox that was recently removed. Contributions to this project are greatly appreciated & it aims to provide all developers with a performant & robust system which anyone can rely on for their creations.

I hope to bring more changes soon & I appreciate all of your support as always!