Welcome back all & wishing you all a happy holidays!

As I wrap up work for the year I have pushed out several updates to Free Build including making the configure tool a floating menu that appears in the items physical location to give you more awareness of its positions. I have also updated the wire tool to show connection lines in order to visualise the flow of the wiring simulation. Hopefully these updates will help you better work on and understand your creations.

Work has also been taking place of the real-time fluid simulations in order to increase their performance & allow it to scale to that which would be required for its implementation into Free Build. My initial aspiration for this system would be to implement a pressure system so vessels in space will be required to be sealed in order to prevent depressurisation.

Wrapping it all up, not many updates are planned for the rest of the year, I do however have plenty planned for next year & can't wait to share progress! As always, many thanks to all of you who support me! Have a great holiday & a happy new year!


Hope you're all having a great day!

I've been working on real-time fluid simulations for games such as Free Build to allow for features such as fire with accurate smoke dynamics and pressurization for additions such as space where you will need to take an air supply up with you in order to survive & much more like flowing water. If all goes well, this should be relatively simple to implement providing I can scale the system up to that which is needed for Free Build.

On the topic of Free Build I have also been creating my own terrain service of sorts to allow for the reintroduction of block terrain which was removed from Roblox at the start of 2017 along with the original personal servers as detailed here. The plan for the terrain is for it to be stored on the cloud and streamed in when needed to ensure that the memory usage on the Roblox servers are kept to a minimum.

Many thanks to all of those who have supported me & I hope to share more news with you all soon!


Hello again everyone,

I have been hard at work on Free Build improving its UI & improving its performance even further. I have just brought out improvements to the welding systems performance which will address the largest point of slow downs in the game. This should alleviate the issues with the welding system slowing down the game & allow me to expand Free Build even further going forwards. Work is also still being done on the Time Scale Framework where its progress can be tracked on its GitHub page.

As always, massive thank you to everyone who supports me!


Welcome back all,

Not too much happening at the moment as I have been concentrating my efforts into updating the Time Scale Framework. From this work over the last week, I have been releasing several updates for the Time Scale Framework with it now having correct gravity when in different time scales as well as lots of other bug fixes & improvements.

Thank you all as always and I look forwards to sharing more with you soon!


Welcome back all,

This update includes information on Ant Colonies, Dogfight Squadron & Free Build.

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who stopped by Ant Colonies on its initial release! Seeing all the feedback and people loving the experience has been a massive morale boost for me & I hope to bring future updates to the game to make it even more enjoyable going forwards. This would include per ant colony perks as well as adding other creatures into the game.

Secondly, Dogfight Squadron has had lots more work done to it as always & is getting network optimisations & gameplay reworks to ensure that the systems work flawlessly in testing & release. Stay tuned for more...

Last of all, Free Build is getting UI reworks thanks to UI updates from Roblox. The update will not only bring a new UI but also will bring improvements to better streamline the tools.

As an extra mention, I've updated the Custom Mouse to version 2 which brings with it an API overhaul along with performance improvements & much more.

Thank you all as always for helping support me on developing all of these projects & like always, be sure to send feedback!


Hello again everyone!

Please welcome our newest game entry yet; Ant Colonies! You can play as an ant in a colony competing with other colonies over resources & territory.

The custom mouse has also now received the 2.0 update which brings massive changes including the removal of legacy APIs. This massive overhaul also improves performance, function & more.

I have also merged some of 1.9.8 into Free Build. There are many changes which have been merged to bring new content, help with bugs, performance & more!

Dogfight Squadron is also having work done to bring playable turrets for the islands & ships. Lot's of news to come on Dogfight Squadron!

Thank you so much as always for all of your support!


Welcome back once more everyone,

Apologies for the long wait, I have recently moved into my own place and am getting setup. I have been planning my next steps for once my games are completed and where I want to take Fractware in the future. I hope the plans I have will become clearer soon & I hope to provide valuable products & services for developers in the not too distant future. A new website should also be apart of these changes to better reflect the direction I intend for Fractware to go in.

As always, thank you so much for all of your support.

Many thanks, Fractware.


Hello again everyone,

I have been hard at work on getting Free Build version 1.9.8 further into development so I can start to shift my main focus away from the game.

Dogfight Squadron is also still being worked on with lots of gameplay updates being worked on behind the scenes to create an enjoyable experience for early play testers.

Thank you all for your continued support in me & the projects I work on with the help from all of you.


Welcome back all,

Apologies for the long wait, this newsletter is about the release of Free Build 1.9.7 which has massive changes made to the game.

The Free Build update which comes with massive changes and some new content, an overhaul to both the client & server to improve functionality and performance is here & with it comes a complete rewrite of the games architecture to allow for easier rollouts of updates in the future as the game nears its final updates and moves towards more maintenance focused updates with less major content updates. This is so I can focus more on other projects and to branch out more. It has been a fantastic experience working on Free Build and receiving feedback from the community; I have learned so much from developing it and cannot wait to more heavily involve myself in other projects as well as Free Builds sequel, Free Build 2. Thank you all for an amazing journey through Free Builds development and I cannot thank you enough for all of your support over the years.

Thank you all once again for you continued support.


Hello all,

This week I've been working hard on Dogfight Squadron to get it ready for next weekends first private play test. I am now working on finishing up the core mechanics ahead of the play test so that I can test to ensure that the core of the game is stable to then build on top of it. Invites have now been sent to those who are to be involved in the first private play test.

I have also been working on Free Build to bring bug fixes and optimisations to the game. There is still more work to done to ensure its longer term stability and to bring down the amount of work that goes into each update however once these patches are out I can begin to implement larger user facing changes.

The Time Scale Framework hasn't seen too much work over the last week as Free Build and Dogfight Squadron have been taking the spotlight for my time however once they have had some more progress, I can focus on getting V2 out which will bring massive changes to the framework.

Thank you all for reading this newsletter, see you all next time!


Hello again everyone,

This week will be a preview of what to expect from the upcoming Time Scale Framework V2 update and an upcoming game.

The V2 update will be a complete overhaul to help further make it flexible, increase performance, fix bugs, make it easier for developers to integrate into their games and allow for more streamlined future updates.

Dogfight Squadron has been on hold for a while and is now almost ready for take off! A private play testing period will take place soon to get user feedback and iron out remaining issues in the game. There is more news on this upcoming game very soon!

Thank you all for reading this weeks newsletter. Will share more about what has been worked on the past few weeks soon!


Hello all,

This news covers updates to Free Build.

First of all, Free Build has received updates to its welding system to make it more durable with different shaped parts such as wedges. There have also been more bug fixes and improvements related to user input though there is more work to be done here.

Thank you for reading this weeks news, see you all again soon!


Welcome back all again,

Sorry for the delay since the last post I have been busy with working on lots of my projects. I have only a small amount of news to share though at this time but will have lots more in the near future.

There has been a couple of updates to the Time Scale Framework to improve animations, multiplayer and the overall organisation of the framework to make it more performant and simple.

That's all for this post, will have lots more to share with you all soon!


Hello again all,

Cutting to the chase, an older version of Free Build has been published at the moment while I'm heavily working on the Free Build 2. My apologies for the inconsistency lately in Free Builds lack of availability however, big changes are coming soon!

Massive thanks for all of your support!


Welcome back everyone,

This news is about Free Build.

Unfortunately it has been taken offline while major changes are made to the game to bring the bugs under control as recently they have been making their way into the game more and more. I will review my publishing process to ensure this does not happen in the future. However, until that point the game will remain offline and no news will be posted on the game until progress has been made and I am happy to share more information with you all.

My apologies for this inconvenience to you all and I will do my best to prevent this from happening in the future.

Thank you all for your time and patience.


Welcome back everyone,

This week has lots of news as automatic resizing and attributes have been released by Roblox.

First of all, Slimes is once again available with the latest features available from Roblox!

Second of all, Free Build will soon be receiving updates to support these features too. Expect news on this very soon!

That's all for this weeks news, thank you all of tuning in and for your continued support!


Hi again all,

I have released a major update to the Time Scale Framework. This adds full animation support and changes up the APIs so be sure to update your game if needed to comply with these changes. They have been made to make the framework easier to work with and to make updates going forwards easier.

Thank you all again for continuing to support me throughout working on my projects. I cannot thank you all enough and can't wait to share more with you soon!


Hello again all,

I've pushed out an update for my Time Scale Framework which includes some performance improvements and new features such as support for particle emitters.

I've also updated the last of RotVelocity and Velocity in my projects to use the new AssemblyAngularVelocity and AssemblyLinearVelocity.

That's all for this week, just a small update with more coming soon! Thank you again for all of your continued support and I love to see what's being done with users of my work.


Welcome back everyone,

Quick update to let you know that Free Build has returned. It has been decided that the major update will be released as Free Build 2 in a separate game so all progress on the original version can be kept.

Also introducing the Developer Information Panel this week which provides a basic rundown for CPU & GPU times. This tool will expanded on in the future.

Hopefully this is great news to all of you! Thank you all for reading & stay safe!


Welcome back everyone,

Free Build has almost completed its largest sections of its reworks. Remaining is its user interface overhaul and later down the line, multithreading support. That's all for this update while I work hard on the updates, more soon!

Thank you all for your patience & support!


Hello all,

This weeks updates include major reworks to Free Build meaning that it has temporarily been set to private to limit access during this time period. The game is being completely rewritten to be far easier to maintain going forwards with less chances for bugs to occur. There are several Roblox updates that are needed before the revised version can be released too including attributes, UICorner improvements & automatic resizing. Expect Free Build to return as soon as these updates are released! Sorry for the inconvenience until this time.

Thank you all for your continued support, more updates soon!


Hello all once again!

In this weeks news I have revamped some of the Free Build server side code so that it is more performant and easier to manage. It also utilises the new physics update Roblox has just pushed to live servers. The Free Build release notes have also been expanded upon to cover the next few releases.

A massive thank you to all of you showing your support& I hope to have more updates soon!


Hope you've all had a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

I've redesigned the Free Build hub to fit in with the new design direction for the game going forwards which will soon be coming to the rest of the game. I've also released multiplayer for the Time Scale Framework which will allow new experiences to be made with it helping to drive creativity even further on Roblox. Here's the update link.

Wishing you all well for the year & more to come soon!