Merry Christmas all!

Lot's of work has been done on Free Build recently with many bug fixes and improvements to visuals. I'm also working on updates to push live updates to Free Build so that leaving the server will not be necessary to upgrade to the latest version. I have also released a tutorial and new update for the Time Scale Framework. Expect more updates on my games and software to come after Christmas!

Wishing you all a merry Christmas & a happy new year!


Hello again everyone,

This weeks updates include more bug fixes for Slimes as well as some major reworks for the Time Scale Framework.

You can read more about the Time Scale Framework here but in short, the changes are the following:

  • Developer APIs.

  • Developer documentation.

  • Friendly CollectionService tags.

  • Performance improvements.

Thank you all for your continued support and donations, couldn't do this without all of your support for my projects!


Hello all,

Done some more work on Free Builds hub this week improving error handling as well as working on the Time Scale Framework . The Time Scale Framework now supports animations and I am now working on multiplayer support, better documentation & improved APIs for developers to access and more easily integrate into their game.

Also this week, work on Slimes has been done with many bug fixes, enhancements and rebalances. This will help make gameplay more fair and hopefully even more intense as the player on the battlefield!

Thank you all for your continued support!


Free Build 1.9.6 has been released to the stable branch and work on version 1.9.7 is ramping up. Free Build is now nearing the end of it's roadmap & completion meaning that Free Build 2 work will start to slowly increase in the coming months bringing a more refined game with a richer experience than the first game could deliver.

1.9.6 Release Tweet


Hello all,

First off, thank you to all of those who have provided feedback on everything which we have been working on! So excited to share more with you next week about our upcoming projects.

Going to be busy for a while getting things setup to be more transparent going forwards from now on. Will be well worth the wait in the end, just a few weeks!

In future newsletters you can expect to hear about recent updates to our software & games, our plans for the future and reflections on the past.

Massive thank you to you all! Couldn't get to where we are without all of your support!