Free Build 2

Coming Soon



A significant investment is going to be made into dedicated server hardware. This will be to ensure a smooth experience in the game while allowing for larger & more complex creations than ever before.

Expected Release Date


Welcome To Free Build 2

Expanding on the first release, Free Build 2 brings even larger universes, more details & more possibilities for all to explore. Fly to space & explore the limits of reality, or build a civilisation down on the ground or even underground, the limits are your imagination!

This game looks to push the limits of gaming by implementing fully raytraced rendering. It shall also feature 64 bit worlds for insane world sizes that give players years of exploration & the space to build whatever is on your mind.

Dream, Create & Play

Create on a massive scale & play your game with friends in this open-world MMO building game where you imagination is the limit!

Extensive Maps

Build in a vast map where you can push the limits of your imagination and build almost anything you desire!

Recommended Requirements (2560x1440@120FPS)

Requirements estimate performance for maximum graphics settings.

Windows 11 - Desktop

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600


GPU: RTX 3060

Windows 11 - Laptop

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600H


GPU: RTX 3060